Professional transformation retreat

Professional transformation retreat

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We live in complex, volatile, and uncertain times. Taking a step back to connect with yourself is incredibly valuable to navigate your next steps. A retreat creates the space, devoid of distractions to embark on your inner journey.

The Professional transformation retreat has a strong focus on personal transformation, helping you to synthesise your thinking and contemplative, intuitive mind.

Performance and breakthrough experiences are based on transformation through transcendent identity-based coaching, leading to improved emotional intelligence (your capacity to better deal with fear and uncertainty), cultural intelligence and spiritual intelligence. We help you to choose how to respond to life rather than habitually react to it.

Who would benefit from this retreat?
• If you are struggling with management and leadership responsibilities
• If you are faced with big, life-altering decisions
• If you are faced with major career decisions
• If you need to increase your capacity to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity

Johan Slabbert focuses on keeping his retreats limited to 6 to 8 retreatants per retreat to ensure a focused value proposition for each retreatant.

Our next Professional Transformation Retreat is: 22 to 24 Oct 2021
Limited spaces available – book now!

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